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Call Us Today!
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At ER Tree Care,LLC in Louisville, Kentucy, we provide our customers with reliable and efficient tree and lawn services.

Tree Services
worker in bucket crane trimming tall tree
Trees are beautiful fixtures on any residential or commercial property, so it is important to keep them healthy. If you need tree service in Louisville...
Landscaping Services
residential landscaping
Keeping your residential and commercial property in shape means making sure your landscape is taken care of. At ER Tree Care, LLC, we...
Stump Grinding
stump needing grinding
Tree stumps are eyesores on any property. They take up space in your backyard and prevent your grass from growing green and evenly. ER Tree...
No other landscaping contractor in Louisville, Kentucky is as versatile as ER Tree Care, LLC is.

Welcome To ER Tree Care, LLC

ER Tree Care, LLC  is a landscaping company based in and serving the Louisville, Kentucky area. We care about your trees and property and are here to improve their health. We provide our customers with a wide array of tree services meant to help your trees grow healthily. We also do landscaping services and stump grinding to get your property into the shape it needs to be to renew your enjoyment or be put on the market.
Our tree services include tree trimming, removal, transplanting, thinning, and bark removal. Trimming will give your trees the manicure they need to grow strong and even. Tree removal will get rid of dying and dead trees, allowing younger saplings to thrive, while tree transplanting will take trees on your property and move them to another location in your front or back yard.
Landscaping services are designed to improve the appearance of your residential or commercial property. We can install an automatic irrigation system to help you conserve water and water your flowers and lawn more efficiently, and we can also install hardscapes and mow, water, and fertilize your lawn.
We also offer stump grinding. Stump grinding is a beneficial and affordable service that will get rid of hazardous stumps. Removing the eyesores is easy for ER Tree Care, LLC since we have the proper tools. It will make remodeling your home or business easier and provide you with mulch for your garden.
If you are looking for landscaping and tree service in Louisville, Kentucky, look no further than ER Tree Care, LLC. “Nothing can stump us!” So call for free estimates.

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