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Stump Grinding

tree stump
Tree stumps are eyesores on any property. They take up space in your backyard and prevent your grass from growing green and evenly. ER Tree Care, LLC  offers stump grinding in Louisville, Kentucky. Our tree stump removal is about maintaining your property’s curb appeal. Our treatment will give you control over your lawn once again and will make mowing your grass and tending to your garden easier than ever before. ER Tree Care, LLC guarantees satisfaction.
When you hire ER Tree Care, LLC for stump grinding service, you can rest assured that the rest of your property is completely safe. We use chain and saw grinding techniques to remove the stump from your property. Getting rid of the tree stump will open up your yard, giving you the space that you need to start remodeling your home or business. Stump grinding and removal will also prevent the spread of decay by getting rid of the dead remnants of your trees.
Stump grinding is also beneficial to your garden area. Weeds like to poke up during the rainy seasons of the year and do so because they get a lot of water. Stump grinding will provide you with a lot of mulch that you can spread throughout your garden. Mulch will prevent weeds from getting the sunlight they need and will improve the water absorption rate of your flowers, keeping the weeds from drinking the water.
Stump grinding from ER Tree Care, LLC is safe, efficient, and cost-effective. It will remove eyesores from your property, and immediately improve curb appeal while giving you the freedom you need to landscape or remodel your yard.

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